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History of Offices and Directors
Offices and Directors of ...
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History of Dodge City Coo...

History of Dodge City Coop Managers

1915                  Jesse Nebergall
1916                  Mrs. Kate Strong
1917                  Charles Cooper
1918-1924        Joe Hall
1925                  H. S. McFarland
1926-1937        George W. Glenn
1937                  J.H. Dean
1938-1939        Clarence Saathoff
1940-1948        J.H. Dean
1949-1967        Edward Gall
1968-1972        Bruce D. Mock
1973-1983        Stan Simpson
1984-1985        Edward Greene
1986-1996        Dave Stegall
1997-2001        William C. Fitzke
2002-2006        M. John Bender
2007-Present   Jerald S. Kemmerer

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